Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to Should Mountain! I am Scott Kay and I have been writing my whole life. Writing gives me life, but I sometimes lack the patience to deliver a whole thought unless I take the time and work it out. Should Mountain is a space for me to take some of that noise in my head along with my observations of the world and put them to a place to see if anyone else is willing to follow along.

Should Mountain is exactly what it infers. There is a lot of should’a, would’a, could’a out there. Should Mountain comes from that place where people tell you… “You should’a did it that way”… but no.

Join me and comment on my stories’ as they appear on their channels when they start taking flight. I will eventually have a Twitter and a YouTube Channel for Should Mountain. Stay tuned.

There are part of this pie that have similar flavors

  1. The world around us is analogous of highway or street, where we drive, and encounter other people following the same path of human evolution as the rest of us. Our interaction with people on the roads is a mirror of ourselves and how we engage people in the world around us and visa versa. There will be analogies and metaphors hopefully hold valuable wisdom.
  2. There will be video from my camera in my car detailing some of the crazy things I run into in the world. I am literally a magnet for crazy people on the road that defy explanation. I also have to admit, I drive like someone at the battle of Yarin (points for someone who knows the reference).
  3. And sometimes it will be about current events. We live in crazy times and I live in a truly insane part of the world. I learned a lot about myself and people around me that I hope will pass through certain gateways as I share: helpfulness, positivity and kindness. Although, I can bet there will be some opportunity for interpretation there.