I love near a street that a lot of people commute through on their way to downtown. It is a residential area, but becomes a major road through the city after a mile or so. It does not keep people from showing their dissatisfaction or disapproval of someone without laying in their horn for a long time. Much longer than necessary to tell everyone how you feel.

In the city I work in, someone once said that we communicate with our car horns – thanks, no thanks.

That person leaning on their car horn showing that disapproval is not unlike the person shouting at the world like a mad-person on any street corner. It’s is not a healthy way of sharing your feelings. And no, I am not a therapist, but as a citizen I had to claim some insight into that belief.

In the city I live in, blasting your horn at someone and flipping them off will very likely get your ass killed.

That feeling of being safe in your car is an illusion. Do not confuse privilege and perceived immortality as a coat of armor. Your behavior matters.

I will admit, I am one of those aggressive drivers. I am more speed racer than mole-man (Simpsons reference) behind the wheel. I am a pale example of a speed-demon compared to a lot of the people I see driving around me every day.

What I am saying is: You being mad and blasting your horn, shouting from your car, or flipping someone off makes you look bad. You look like a crazy person blasting that horn because no one else knows or cares about the context of your unhappiness.

——- end

Note: I went to look for video or images for this subject and there was nothing that was not disturbing or unsettling out there. So, this goes up as it is… 

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