More than a supreme court decision…

Today’s scheduled post has been interrupted because of history being made. Or is it that history has been undone? The post I was working on under the subject of #Culture was about a turning tide with a swell that is getting very scary and very large. It is about an unraveling of what many of us thought were truths that are simply breaking under the weight of a political shift. A movement against human rights.

Today’s news at the beginning of pride weekend (for a lot of places) started off with a nuclear blast about abortion rights in the United States. A long held ruling by the US Supreme Court was overturned. It was a case with a lot of opinions attached to it, mostly from the people who saw it as a problem. To be honest those people who struggled with it were “right to life” folks.

There is an underlying problem with the ruling as it could be knocked down if a justice court was willing to lean into it.

We have a largely conservative court now with appointed judges with agendas of their own. When President #45 took office he promised he would get some things done and he did. Which speaks to his popularity today even as his name is being dragged through the mud in open hearings by democrats.

Taking away a woman’s right to their own health of themselves and their family is a disgrace. It is mounted on the shoulders of old white men  making those rules. It is a fundamentally flawed way to govern and serve justice in a place that talks about freedom and liberties.

Today’s America

This is an age where racism and fascism were given light and grew. Whether it is a march with tiki torches, police killing people and getting away with it, or the glorification of a dictator it is all just bad taste. On the other side of the coin the public, through the media, has been force fed pronouns and Bridgeton level gender and race swapping that leaves many scratching their heads. Neither side has been very temperamental of the other.

The rhetoric just keeps growing and mutating as fast as Covid on a summer holiday.

Because of disease, lockdowns and masking we forgot how to be kind. There are more and more people fighting to survive out there and fear is taking over. The government, the police and our religious leaders all use fear to drive sick narratives that keep us from stepping back and working together to solve these problems.

More than a single ruling

The court decision today was only the latest piece taken out of the Jenga puzzle. And almost as soon as it came out there was an article about how Clarence Thomas* was about to weigh into other rulings that dealt with gay marriage and more. We have seen a clear assault on trans people across the country preventing them from functioning as normal humans in their chosen identity.

“Don’t mourne, organize!” – Lady in a store today

It felt like I was watching dominoes tipping over in slow motion. It is as if I have been watching that game for a while, but was never as invested as I should be. Maybe recent events have ignited something inside me, but because of the court ruling and some other recent news has opened my eyes  to a bigger threat to my well-being in this country. And, I am worried that my inaction is seen as consent.

At least the last six years we as a country have been raked over the coals and are all still in shock. The only way to move forward is to try something different. That might not be a knee-jerk reaction to horrible news, but rally and be heard. Fear is our biggest enemy.

*I am not familiar with The Hill specifically and site the article as a talking point and not as fact or a specifically reliable source because I did not get into fact checking. I used it to point out the tone of the country in my opinion. 

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